Three Treasures Tai Chi Club History

The Three Treasures club was formed in March, 2005 as a non-profit club wherein instructors volunteer to share their time and knowledge.

Our head instructor was Elaine Konkin who started practicing Tai Chi in March, 1994. She dedicated her teachings to sharing and carrying on the tradition of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan as she was taught by her master, the late Kent Mark. In 2017, Elaine passed on the mantle to Theressa Wright, who also studied under Kent Mark from 2001. Theressa had studied under Elaine since 2005.

Below is a diagram of Sifu Mark's lineage, starting from the originator of Yang style, Yang Lu Chan. (Courtesy of Kent Mark's website, July 2018)

three treasures lineage

The Three Treasures Tai Chi Club is seen below.