Frequently Asked Questions

Tai Chi is a martial art and not just an exercise program.

Although all the moves have martial application and our club keeps the martial art principals in our forms, but we don't teach the individual martial applications for all the forms. We use the martial art principles in our form to reap the benefits of increased mental focus, body awareness, and better balance.

  1. When can I register?
    We accept new students twice a year, in September and in March. Please visit our schedule page for the exact dates.
  2. Am I a returning student?
    Returning students are defined as anyone who has paid the one-time club joining fee and received a club t-shirt. Additionally, you have completed the Short Form (at minimum).
  3. What should I wear?
    Comfortable clothing and an indoor pair of shoes. Some people wear moccasins or socks. Smooth soled footwear works best for some of the turns.
  4. How long does it take to learn?
    The answer depends on the individual and how often one attends and how much effort one put into it. It is possible to keep learning for an entire lifetime. Beginners start with the short form which can be learned in the fall or spring session. However, the subtleties of the various forms takes (years) longer to comprehend and implement.
  5. How is your club organized?
    We are a non profit club in which our membership fees are collected and used for a rental space to practice in. Our instructors are long standing members of the club who are volunteering their time and sharing their knowledge.
  6. What style of tai chi does your club perform?
    We practice Yang Style Tai Chi.
  7. Which forms does your club practice?
    Our club practices the yang style forms with the general membership practicing the short form, long form and push hands. In addition to these forms, the advanced group also practices a sword form, broad sword form, cane form, staff form and a fast form.
  8. What kind of person practices Tai Chi?
    Tai Chi is suitable for a wide age range and physical abilities. We work with you (where you are at), so you can work to the best of your abilities.